Bed Bug Elimination

bed bugs


bedbug droppings

bedbug droppings

Pest Arrest has over 25 years of combined experience and expertise in eliminating bedbugs. When dealing with bedbugs, Pest Arrest typically treats bedrooms, closets, laundry facilities and living quarters. We would recommend that tenants vacate their apartment for 4 to 6 hours when treatment begins. Pest Arrest will perform an initial service plus a follow-up service within 14 days to ensure successful treatment. Pest Arrest will supply the superintendent with a Tenant Preparation Checklist so they can supply to the tenants a preparation list which informs each tenant how to prepare for the required treatment. We recommend when dealing with multiple unit dwellings to treat the effected unit plus units on each side, above and below so that there is no chance for bedbugs to spread throughout the building. We offer a three-month guarantee of our bedbug service as long as we can treat the requested units and tenants follow treatment preparation checklists and purchase box-spring and mattress covers.

Bed bug inspections INSPECT
The first step in eliminating bedbugs is to perform a detailed inspection to determine all the bedbugs harbourage sites.
Vacuum cleaner
Pest Arrest uses a commercial grade steamer which produces a dry steam at 105° Celsius which kills all life stages of the bedbug, including bedbug eggs. The tenant's bed mattress, box-spring, couches, lounge chairs and sofa-beds are all treated using this steam procedure.
shop vacuum

Pest Arrest uses a high powered vacuum to physically remove as many live bedbug: adults, nymphs and eggs as possible, therefore reducing the bedbug population immediately. Cracks and crevices throughout the rooms are gone over to ensure a thorough treatment.

bed bug chemical treatment


Pest Arrest will only apply government approved insecticides for the control of bedbugs. We apply the combination of liquid and residual dust insecticides to cracks and crevices to control possible emerging bedbug nymphs and to reduce the possibility of bedbugs spreading to adjacent units.

Climb Up - bed bug monitors


After completion of the initial treatment, Pest Arrest will install bedbug monitors for the purpose of future assessment in treated units. Upon the follow-up service within 14 days, these monitors will be checked for signs of bedbug activity and appropriate treatment will be performed if bedbug activity is found.

mattress encasement


An important part of a successful bedbug treatment is to use mattress and box-spring encasements. Box-springs are extremely difficult to treat due to their construction; therefore, encasements are recommended, as they trap any bedbugs missed in the treatment and prevent the spread. The tenant would be responsible for the purchase of these encasements.

Zippered Mattress / Box Spring Covers