Protection Plans


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We perform structural pest control services for insects and rodents in the following structures: homes, apartments, restaurants, office buildings, daycares, schools, bars, grocery stores, farms, cottages, trailer parks, factories, food production factories, commercial stores, warehouses, distribution centres and many, many more.


• 1 year contract program
• 1 Service provided in the spring, summer and fall
• Coverage includes the following pests: cockroaches,
pavement ants, silverfish, earwigs, sow bugs, pantry
pests, spiders, wasp nests, rats, mice and fleas
• Free service for these pests anytime during the 1 year
contract period

Services for the Following Pests:
Pest Arrest Pest Control Services & GuaranteesCockroaches, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pavement ants, spiders, centipedes and millipedes, cluster flies, earwigs, Indian meal moths, grain beetles, wasps, silverfish, pharaoh ants, sow bugs, fleas, mice and rats, squirrels, raccoons and skunks.

Services & Guarantees

COMMERCIAL SERVICES - office building

• We offer a variety of service intervals for pest control to suit the needs of your facility: monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or bi-monthly.
• We offer drain cleaning, and foaming service using an enzyme that provides both odour control, as well as
breaking down the organic materials that flies thrive in, such as under kitchen and bar equipment. This service
will keep your facility free from small flies including fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies.
• We sell and maintain fly-lights to keep house flies under control.
• We provide and service washroom odour control dispensers.
• We provide exterior rodent control using bait stations secured to the exterior perimeter of the building which will reduce the rodent population outside before they have a chance to enter your facility.
• We offer commercial services at night. When your facility closes, we will be there to provide top-notch service, so as to not interfere with your daily business operation. Night service is often recommended when thorough treatment is required and pest populations are high.