Insect Extermination

Insect Extermination

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Moved into a new apartment to find that it is infested by cockroaches? No problem! Turn to the experts at Pest Arrest for emergency insect extermination services in Lindsay and throughout Central Ontario. Whether it’s cockroaches, spiders, ants, bed bugs, centipedes, cluster flies, or other pesky bugs, we’ll get rid of the problem with emergency one-time or seasonal spraying for single family dwellings, duplex or triplex units, apartment units, trailers and other residential buildings.

Proven Products – Government Approved

At Pest Arrest, we use only high-quality products that are proven to solve pest problems. All of the products we use are approved for use in Canada and are registered with the Ministry of Environment. We also believe in using Integrated Pest Management methods. IPM suppresses pest populations with minimal impact on the environment. We ensure that the method we use to control the pests in your space minimizes risks to human health and the environment while effectively getting rid of the problem.

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Carpenter Ant Damage

Honest and bee pest control

Bald Face Hornet Nest

Carpenter ants pest control

Carpenter Ant Damage

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