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Cluster flies are a seasonal nuisance, invading homes and businesses as temperatures drop. At Pest Arrest, we specialize in effective cluster fly extermination, ensuring a pest-free environment for your property. We will evaluate the situation and provide you with the best solution to solve your insect problem.  Our service area includes Lindsay, Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes.

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Cluster flies typically invade homes and buildings in large numbers during late summer or early autumn in search of winter shelter. They are adept at squeezing through exterior crevices such as cracks around windows and doors, air conditioning vents, screening vents, and loosely hung siding. Once inside, they like to hibernate in hard-to-reach areas like wall voids and ceilings until spring. While they generally do not cause direct harm to structures, textiles, food, or humans, the accumulation of dead flies within walls can occasionally lead to secondary infestations of carpet or larder beetles and rodents, which prey on the dead cluster flies.


To prevent cluster fly infestations, it’s essential to seal off potential entry points into your home. Inspect and repair any cracks or gaps around windows, doors, vents, and siding where cluster flies might enter. Consider installing screens on vents and windows to block their access. Regularly clean and maintain your home’s exterior to remove attractants like decaying organic matter. Additionally, ensure proper sanitation inside your home by promptly disposing of garbage and keeping food tightly sealed. If you already have a cluster fly problem, consider seeking professional pest control services to address the issue effectively. Pest Arrest’s comprehensive cluster fly extermination services will safeguard your home against these annoying pests.

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